Mary Boehm is a lifelong resident of the City of Birmingham and has been involved in education initiatives for many years.  She hopes to follow in the footsteps of her father, who served on the first Birmingham City Council after Bull Conner.  Early in her career she taught in a Montessori school, resettled refugee children, and led tours of school groups at Ruffner Mountain.    

As President of the Alabama Power and Bellsouth Foundations, she was involved in many education and civic initiatives that include establishing Voices for Alabama’s Children/Kids Count and the Rural Studio at Auburn University and launching  two downtown daycare centers, including the YWCA Daycare for Homeless Children.

She has worked closely with many Alabama governors, state superintendents and the last nine Birmingham City School superintendents to strengthen education across the city and state. While leading the A+ College Ready Initiative over the last decade, Mary realized that substantive change is most effective when focused on teachers in the classroom.  From 2008 to 2016, her partnerships with 171 High School Principals, over 1,000 teachers and countless students helped Alabama to achieve a number one ranking among all 50 states in the percent increase of qualifying scores on math, science and English Advanced Placement exams.       

Bolder Vision, Better Schools, Brighter Tomorrow

IMPROVE Student Outcomes

INCREASE Teacher Resources

PROMOTE Innovation

ENGAGE Community Partners


If elected, Mary will apply her passion and experience around improving schools to the challenges faced by the Birmingham City Schools.